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The original formula that started it all!  A perfect daily spoonful for immune support, our Elderberry Syrup is a delicious blend of berries, spices, flowers and honey. Shelf-stable until opened, then refrigerated, this is a tried and true liquid bottle of goodness that’s great to have on hand for the whole family.

"We've tasted other brands before, and with this one, there is so much to love. Clean, simple ingredients, amazing taste, easy dosing from bottle to spoon and most importantly - it works!" - Amy


Our most concentrated and portable version of elderberry comes in a convenient 2 oz glass dropper bottle.  Our Elderberry Drops are specially formulated to be sugar-free, alcohol-free, honey-free, and vegan for anyone with these dietary restrictions.  RD Naturals™ Elderberry Drops are naturally sweet-tasting and perfect for travel.

"I'm on a low-carb diet and this is the only elderberry product I've found that is truly low-carb and works well for my diet. A big bonus is that it still tastes delicious!" - Anne


Our newest product, created from customer demand, is the highly popular bottle of RD Naturals™ Elderberry Gummies. Certified vegan, non-GMO, gelatin-free and made with quality, premium ingredients, our berry shaped gummies are perfect for daily consumption by kids and adults alike!

"They taste AMAZING... I'm sad when my daily dose is gone because I want more! - Carolyn

"I like the fact that the ingredients were created by a Registered Dietitian. I trust that." – Elizabeth

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